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Existing in a world of Social Media allows many forms of communication.  Since I am a Sole Proprietor / Single owned business, I am the therapist, secretary, owner and operator.  With all of these hats I wear, sometimes I am overwhelmed with work and phone calls.  I apologize if I do not get back to you on the same day but all iquiries are returned.  If you have not heard from me, please understand I am massaging during the day and sometimes it is too late when  get home to return phone calls until the next day.

That being noted...the quickest way to get a response, is via email through this link or by text messages.  (As embarrassed as I am to admit this)  By experience, I have realized that this is a true fact.  Even though it is a bit impersonal, I am able to answer these types of inquiries between appointments.  I promise, when you are in for your massage, all my attention is on you! 

So feel free to use this link to send an email or text your name and request to 412-330-0792.  If you choose to call please leave a voicemail and how late your call can be returned and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

With hopes to meet you soon at The Massage Place!

Eileen Irwin Riley, LMT

(412) 330-0792 office

2215 Ardmore Blvd Suite 3
Sumner Avenue Shops
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

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